Let’s talk about the IIgs Power Supply Upgrade

I’ve been working on a project to build my childhood dream Apple IIgs and first thing is first: getting this old powersupply upgraded. I tested it quickly but know there are RIFA caps in there so I didn’t leave it on too long. It turns out the RIFA and some other capacitors weren’t looking so great so it was time to upgrade.

Old IIgs PSU

I am going to use the ReActiveMicro Universal PSU Kit to upgrade to a modern PSU. I was originally just going to replace the capacitors but for the IIgs I am going to drop in some extra cards so I could use the extra power. After pulling apart the original power supply the ReActiveMicro is an easy drop in replacement. After dropping the PSU into old case:

New ReActiveMicro PSU

On side note is that while this is a solderless kit I did end up soldering the mains wires in as I didn’t trust the connector it came with.

Soldering the Mains

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